How to read the Western Piano notes

How to read the Western Piano notes

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This post is to related with In this blog there are many song’s piano notes and my readers ask the question that how to read the piano notes in my blog and others blogs. Here I am going to tell you about the notes keys.

In a Piano, Keyboard, Harmonium there are some black keys and white keys. In this lesson I am trying to give the information of that keys.
Before going further I want that you must see the image of piano below.

In this image and in your piano, keyboard and harmonium you see that there are 2 black keys than 3 black keys and so on and there are some white keys also. In this lesson I will tell you about only 3 octave Left octave, Middle octave, and right octave. In every octave there are 12 keys (five black keys and Seven white keys).

Most of the notes played in middle octave, but we also use the left and right octave. In have at least 380songs in middle, right and left octave. In middle octave we start middle C, D, E, F, G, A, B, white keys, and C#(Db),D#(EB),F#(Gb),G#(Ab),A#(Bb), Black keys with sharp notes and with flat notes.  #indicate the sharp notes and b indicate the flat notes. In our blog most of songs is in the sharp notes so you should remember the sharp notes first.

In most of songs you see the sign of – and + and without sign. Without sign note is of middle octave, and + indicates the higher or right octave and indicates the lower or left octave. So for playing the songs in western style you should remember these things.
I hope you understand that how to read the notes. I hope you will play lots of song in our blog.



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